Hogan Assessment Systems

“Personality predicts Performance”.

That, in one sentence, is the basis of the Hogan Assessments.

This originally American assessment method is used in some 56 countries (based on 47 languages) to measure and predict leadership potential and behavior. In the USA even 75% of Fortune 500 organizations work with the Hogan methodology. Also in the Netherlands very reputable companies work with Hogan.

The flagship of the Hogan Assessments is the Leadership Forecast Series. Three combined assessments that very adequately reflect leadership potential and possibly dysfunctional leadership behaviour. Both for selection and for development purposes.

In addition, the Hogan instruments can be used for:

  • Detecting and Developing High Potential
  • Multi-rater feedback: the excellent Hogan 360
  • Optimal team composition and team development
  • Transition and career coaching

Hogan users love:

  • The ease of use (a high-quality outcome in relatively little time)
  • The very rich reports
  • The scientific basis
  • The high validity (based on millions of users worldwide)
  • The assessments can be used in multinational environments


The Dutch Centre for Executive Coaching is proud to be Official Reseller of Hogan Assessments in the Netherlands for A&D Resources. A&D Resources is one of Europe’s leading Hogan distributors, serving both local and global organizations.


Do you want to work professionally with Hogan yourself?
Overview of Certification Training 2021

Are you responsible for HR in your organization or consultant / coach and do you want to use the Hogan Assessments in your organization or for your customers / clients?

Then we cordially invite you to participate in the Hogan Certification Training. Participation in a certification training is a prerequisite to be able to work professionally with Hogan Assessments.

Below is an overview of the preliminary Hogan Certification courses for 2021:

  • September 16 and 17


Would you like to participate in a Hogan Assessment yourself ? Or would you like some more information about certifications?

Please feel free to contact us!

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