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Executive Coaching

Over the past 10 years, Executive Coaching has developed into a highly valued form of organizational development.

At the same time, a lot of research has been done into the effectiveness of Executive Coaching. Also, it has developed into its own profession, an evidence based craft. We are increasingly aware of the “active ingredients” in Executive Coaching and therefore we can support our clients more effectively.

Executive Coaching

We see individual Executive Coaching as a “safe space” for leaders to deeply explore their leadership effectiveness and organizational impact.

We no longer need to prove the added value of Executive Coaching. This has been established on the basis of scientific research.

Perhaps more important than the scientific evidence is that our leaders are facing greater challenges than ever.
Organizational complexity is increasing, as is interdependence and pressure.

To stay balanced in these times might be of the most important fields of development for our leaders.
Executive Coaching can play an excellent role in this.

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