An alliance of 40 top coaches. True Masters in Executive Coaching.

The Centre

True Masters in Executive Coaching

The Dutch Centre for Executive Coaching is an alliance of about 40 Dutch and international top Executive Coaches.

The core members have one common characteristic: they all have an academic degree (MSc) in Executive Coaching, obtained from the renowned Ashridge Executive Education near London. Ashridge Executive Education is internationally accredited three times by the AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.

The Masters in Executive Coaching program that our core members followed is the only one worldwide that leads to an academic degree in Executive Coaching. They can rightfully call themselves “True Masters in Executive Coaching”.

Ashridge Executive Education, London
Ashridge Executive Education, London

Leadership is a wonderful profession. And at the same time, being a leader in the present day is not an easy task. Complexity, pressure, speed of change and public visibility are sometimes big challenges.

Therefore, many leaders do have nowadays a personal sounding board, an equal and  trusted partner.

To work together on strategic self-awareness and ways to be effective in a sustainable way. To the team, the organization and to the stakeholders. A partner who understands the unruly organizational dynamics and helps to find new ways. Who challenges if necessary. And that can support personal growth and development.

Deep and impactful reflection takes courage. To investigate the unknown, to dare to see dysfunctional behaviour, to explore emotions, to break through patterns.

Our core is:
“Having courageous conversations and digesting difficult situations together, in order to work as impactful as possible on high level leadership.”

Jelle Vos, CEO.

What we do
Our coaches

A selection of our alliance of 40 top coaches

Jelle Vos
Jelle Vos
CEO Nederlands Centrum voor Executive Coaching, Executive Coach, Executive Teamcoach
BSc Human Resources, Organizational Psychology, MSc Executive Coaching.
Marc-David van der Molen
Marc-David van der Molen
Executive Coach, Executive Teamcoach
BSc Hotel Administration, MSc Public Administration, final phase MSc Executive Coaching.
Maarten Heere
Maarten Heere
Executive Coach, Executive Teamcoach
Mr. Dutch Law, Drs. Social- and Organizational Psychologie, MSc Executive Coaching.
René Vollenbroek
Executive Coach, Executive Teamcoach
Drs Human Resources, Postgraduate Education Executive Coaching, Postgraduate Education Executive Teamcoaching.
Heru Yuwono Liem
Asia and Australia: Executive Coach, Executive Teamcoach
Bachelor Economics, Master Business Administration, Master Certified Coach (ICF-MCC level)
Marjolein Beusmans2
Marjolein Beusmans-Verwijs
Executive Coach
Mr. Dutch Law, Postgraduate Education Executive Coaching.
Christianne Noordermeer Van Loo
Executive Coach / Hogan Assessment Specialist
drs. Economics, Postgraduate Education Executive Coaching, Postgraduate Education Executive Teamcoaching.
Evidence Based Craft

We want to contribute to the development of the profession of Executive Coach into an "evidence-based craft".

The Centre offers a collection of publications about Executive Coaching and the effectiveness of Executive Coaching, from a scientific point of view or based on psychological models and theories.

You can also find recommendations on literature related to leadership or specific elements within leadership that we believe are well worth reading.

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